“If your kid is struggling with their day-to-day activities, they may not be seeing right.”


KIDS & their eyes

Ensure your kids receive proper eye care for problems that begin early. A comprehensive eye examination for kids aged 5-17 is also crucial as it ensures that they receive proper eye care, since many eye problems begin at an early age. Problems such as eye allergies, light sensitivity, poor alignment, squint and poor vision are among the many eye problems that could affect a child’s vision, but vision could be restored with early treatment.

Without good vision, a kid’s ability to learn, play and socialize becomes more difficult. Untreated eye problems can worsen and lead to more serious problems which will affect the kid’s learning ability and personality while growing up.

How often should my kid see an eye specialist?
Every 1-2 years after the age of 3, but if a squint or any other obvious eye problem is observed, it is recommended to see the eye specialist even at birth.

What happens during my kids’ Comprehensive Eye Examination?
The examination takes approximately 3 hours and are inclusive of checks for eye power, visual errors, eye diseases and eye problems associated with kids.

These examinations are conducted by both qualified and registered Optometrists and Eye Specialists (Ophthalmologists). The Eye Specialist will then consult the patient at the end of his examination.


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