VISTA Eye Specialist bringing vision correction to a whole breakthrough level of safety | Vista Eye Specialist

KUALA LUMPUR, MalaysiaJan. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — VISTA Eye Specialist (VISTA), one of the premier and largest eye specialist in Malaysia, announces the introduction of No-Blade ICL, a combination of the Ziemer LDV Z8 Femtosecond Laser and the Visian EVO ICL. Placed within the eye, the ICL helps treat shortsightedness and astigmatism, and has become a popular option for patients due to its quick recovery, good results, and no dry eyes.

The Swiss Connection for great vision – Ziemer LDV Z8 and Visian EVO ICL.

Traditionally, after an initial 3mm opening, the surgeon creates smaller incisions for adjusting the ICL position, with the quality depending on the surgeons’ skill and instruments used. “In this age when cataract surgeries are already performed with a laser, patients question the continued usage of the blade in ICL surgery,” mentions Dr. Aloysius Joseph Low, Chief Consultant Ophthalmologist of VISTA.

Like No-Blade or Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS), creating laser ICL incisions provided for high precision and short healing times without the need for sutures. The LDV Z8 ensures this through a low energy laser concept, producing the gentlest approach to the cornea with minimum side-effect and post-operative inflammation, while correcting low level astigmatisms. All important factors for patients nowadays, whose demands to return to their normal lifestyles quickly, and for the safest and best treatments are now higher than ever. With over 14 years of experience using femtosecond laser technology for eye procedures, working closely with experts and with due research, VISTA performed the procedure – which was never done before worldwide – bringing Malaysian Healthcare to the international stage.

“The highly professional surgeons at VISTA clinic are giving their best effort to ensure safe surgery that satisfies their patients and providgood clinical outcomes. From our side, the Ziemer team works on development of unique low energy lasers, to enable these outcomes and give these  surgeons the best tools available,” says Mr. Frank Ziemer, President and CEO of Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems.

“As a result of the success of the procedure, VISTA has been invited to various major conferences to share our experience in Femtosecond Laser Assisted surgeries to the international ophthalmic community, highlighting the level of service and capability that Malaysia’s healthcare services can provide,” says Dr. Aloysius. “With this, the hope is to tell the world that Malaysia has what it takes to provide for a safe, precise and comfortable surgery to the world.”

Another important development is the incoming Visian Multifocal ICL – providing relief for patients with reading problems, and awaiting commercialization at the end of this year. The astigmatic version will only be available years later, thus VISTA is proud to use this latest precise technology’s astigmatism correction feature to ensure patients with astigmatism and reading vision a solution that gives them glasses free vision.


Source: PRN Newswire