Why should you have your cataracts removed? | Vista Eye Specialist

See clearly…again

Cataract leads to your vision getting worse. In a lot of patients, this results in the patient having to change glasses frequently – but despite the changes of glasses, the patient’s vision continues to worsen. Having your cataract surgery done helps you to restore your vision by removing the cloudy lens that stops light from entering your eye as it should be.

Avoid getting blind

Cataract Blindness is preventable if you take action early. A dense cataract not just blocks you from seeing – it also blocks the doctor from seeing inside your eye to detect other eye diseases such as retinal diseases. There have been numerous cases whereby patients become blind – not because of the cataract, but from other eye diseases that they could not detect and treat in time.

See more than you can now…without glasses!

In most cataract surgeries, especially those performed in public healthcare facilities or smaller eye clinics, a monofocal is implanted in the eye to replace the cataractous lens in your eye. This results in an acceptable distance vision but the patient will not be able to read up near or see the computer screen – without glasses – even though they might not have had this problem before surgery.

Now, with multifocal lens technology more readily available, patients can not only see far, but also near. More recent versions of multifocals offer an additional intermediate distance vision and night vision – allowing the patient to see far, near and intermediate without glasses.

Reduce Risks. Don’t wait for it to mature.

Though not necessary and outdated, many patients believe that they need to delay the surgery till the cataract gets matured. This was very much due to early technological and surgical limitations that manually removed the lens in whole and required the cataract to be matured. However, such a procedure to remove the whole lens required a large wound and sutures after the surgery. This resulted in higher surgical risks and poorer post operative results.

Now, with improvements in surgical techniques, surgeons are able to remove the cataract once it affects your vision. The longer the delay, the denser the cataract, then the higher the surgical risks, poorer results must be expected with more healing issues.

One of the safest surgery worldwide

With the evolution of Cataract Surgery Technology, a Femtosecond Laser is being used in the No- Blade Cataract surgery to further increase safety and results. And while it is done earlier, the patient is in a better state of health physically to recover faster and enjoy their new found vision freedom.